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We Have 10+ Year Experience in online trading education and fund management

An investment in education pays the best interest

Begin your path to online trading in Africa with Salix Nigra. Join us and learn Forex trading. We teach online trading to everyone serious about his financial growth. No matter you activity, enjoy our flexibility, proximity and learn with a professional for optimal result. Discover to freedom behind distance learning.

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We Provide Best Services

Our services are just the best because we are the first user. We highly invest in our own funds because we deliver outstanding results. We don't only manage assets, we build cutting-edge softwares to help you or your business automate various tasks for maximum profitability. With Salix Nigra, own a bot which will handle your recurrent tasks and do more than you can imagine.

Our services

Assets management

Benefit from interesting return on investment. Invest with us and let us handle the trading for you. We analyse the market and develop profitable strategy to generate stable revenue for our investors.

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Software engineering

Automate your trading activity or your daily tasks. Salix Nigra build for you cutting-edge software to boost your business productivity. Let robot handle the routine for you.

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Customer Are Saying

You're satisfaction is our obsession.

Salix Nigra success story 1

The best and only true online investment educator in black africa. Thanks for helping me invest wisely.

Charlotte Woumbou


I should have meet you guys long ago. i just received my first wired transfer of my benefice. Big up Salix Nigra

Kounaté Poli


I just launched my Money Management business, and this thanks to you. Client for life :-D

Dong Stéphane


Investing just by myself like a pro has become a reality for me today thanks to you. Thousand thanks guys.

Kamga Nicolas


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