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Become a day traderBecome a profitable trader with state of art trading courses

You want to become a full-time independent trader, this course has been designed for you. We assume, however, that you already have some basics in trading. If not, we recommend that you first take our introductory trading course and then continue with it. At the end of this training you will be ready to start up your day trader business and generate positive results. To successfully complete this training, it is essential to complete the day trading practice that lasts 1 month.

Course syllabus

  1. Day trader profile
  2. Your goals and neads estimation
  3. Les bonnes pratiques de trader
  4. Trading journal
  1. What is day trading
  2. Pros and cons of day trading
  3. How to choose a broker ?
  1. Markets and assets good for day trading
  2. Day trading timeframes
  3. Chart : japanese candlesticks
  4. Multi timeframe analysis
  1. Create your track record
  2. Get funds
  3. Propose your services


  1. 1 month free of trading signals Salix nigra (value 10 .000F)
  2. 1 coaching session 1 to 1 with one of our pro traders (50.000F)
  3. Unlimited access to our whatsapp discussion group and trading analysis. You do not stay alone.
  4. Download free scripts and trading robots developed by our engineers to assist you in your trades (Value 100 .000F)

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75000 FCFA
114.5 Euro / 129.31 USD
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