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Learning at Salix Nigra is to benefit from quality follow-up and assurance of your success as a trader.

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eLearning model

Learn trading where you want and when you want according to your availability anywhere in the world. The eLearning model allows you not to change your schedule to follow our training. It saves you extra time and money. Connect in video conference with your mentor.

Qualified Trainers

You are trained by professional traders who take care of you personally. At Salix Nigra, it's 1 learner for 1 mentor. You are followed alone with your trainer during your work sessions. We shorten your path to success by letting you follow in the footsteps of a pro.

Job Oppurtunity

The goal of our training is to make you professional or independent traders. At the end of your training, you will be oriented towards the multiple job opportunities that our training allows you. Build a business and offer jobs thanks to your acquired knowledge.

About our training

Learning with pro

We have done our best to offer an adaptable training program to anyone regardless of academic level, beginner or advanced in trading. The training is divided into 2 main parts:

  • Impregnation. Your coach introduces you to finance and trading by teaching you all the theory you need. This phase is concluded with the opening of your investment (trading) account.
  • Practice. Your coach shares with you his knowledge and his tips regarding trading strategies. Your work sessions will focus on market analysis, buying and selling of financial assets. At the end of this phase, you will be a trader. It is concluded by the development of a business project and the validation of your trading performance.
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Joy to learn

Our Advance Learning System

Learning with us should be a pleasure. We constantly update our course content to reflet the current financial and economic reality. We put high estimate on our mentors profile. Our coach are constantly evaluated to guarantee the best education for our trainees.

Learn Anywhere

With just you computer or smartphone and Internet, get the best trading course in Africa. We are everywhere you are.

Experts Teachers

Learn with successful and professional traders with lot of experience. Copy from the best and become the best.